Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Side-Project Syndrome.

Happy Chinese New Year you guys.

So I actually intended to write this as soon as the year began, but I have been so busy and this is the first time in a while where I have a free night + can sleep in a little the next day (you have no idea how rare these nights come by now).

So I'm updating partially because I kinda feel like I owe the 6 people still reading this blog an explanation for my negligence of this space for half a year lol. So here's why.

Reason 1: Work (which I love btw).

So this used to be a space I would write fun stuff because the stuff I wrote for school was usually serious stuff, and I was working on only 1-2 stories a semester. It was a little boring and I needed to entertain myself.

Then I got a job coming up with funny ideas. The turnovers are super fast when you're working with social media, and I’m now writing 2-3 ideas in a day, and at least 1-2 scripts in a week. If you count that by ‘semester’, that’s about 26 stories in a semester, and my brain has limits.

It’s just way too much to write, and sometimes I go home and the only thing I wanna do is crash on my bed and rot, after dragging myself to do some chores.

But sometimes I can't, because I have other things I'm excited to work on outside of work. So that's when I realise I have issues, and this here comes-

Reason 2: I call it the side-project syndrome.

I'll explain. I've always seen the importance of side projects, as a bid to allow you to never lose your passion. This blog was one of the side projects I'd had while studying, and it got me a job which is pretty much amazing. And if one project can get me to do something fun for a living, I'm certain others can bear their own fruits in their special way too.

Austin Kleon very aptly wrote in his book, 'Show Your Work' which I was recently reading:

So the thing is, since this blog has sort of already 'borne fruit', I would continue to go crazy with it, but I just find myself less of an amateur here now (a la the definition above, not saying I'm a pro). So I'm still keeping it as a side project, but spending less time here and more time on a lot of others.

(Edit: I just realised that "They take chances, experiment, and follow their whims. Sometimes, in the process of doing things in an unprofessional way, they make new discoveries" is really just a secular rehash of Proverbs 16:9, which I've found very close to my heart lately. 

"A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps"
kinda sounds like, what's the point of even planning anyway? But I've been learning that the point is to just kept walking and carving a course anyway, because God cannot guide a parked car. He cannot direct your steps until you start planning. When you start doing things and trying a new way, you'll invariably make new discoveries, but how much better when these new discoveries are led by the spirit for you to stumble upon? :) Really want to get to a place where if I plan something and find myself having to take another path because I'm led to, I'll be perfectly cool with it. )

If you're wondering, here are some:

1) A Logbook.

Actually I don't think I even consider this a side project because it's just so easy to do. So one of my main aims for this year was to take out that pen and paper and embrace analog once again. It’s been such a great decision, and it somehow feels more cathartic than writing on my phone or laptop. I like how it's a private side project too, no one is privy to whatever I write, but I can look through it again at the end of the year and remember every little good thing of 2017.

2) A Vlog Series.

I get the best inspiration when I'm out of the country. And when I went to Japan last Oct, I thought I'll try documenting it just because I'd never done this before, and again, I wanted to be an amateur at it. This was the first time I'd edited a vlog. I still have part 2 which I have yet to do up omg but I will very soon I promise. 

3) Music Experiments.

So I started a new worship series on my Youtube Channel and I'm also working on an EP at the moment so it can get pretty busy on work nights, but it's been pretty fun! There's been a lot to settle so hopefully I can tell you more when I've got more things tightened up!

But that's basically all I'm working on! I am sorry if it seems like I won't be back soon again to update. I feel like I’m constantly needing to change creatively, be it delving into something completely uncharted, or just making changes to something I've always been working on, but I think that’s precisely it: that I only get better by change, by always staying an amateur.

Anyhoos, I’m still gonna try my best to keep this site alive. At most I'll just let go of the domain.

In the meantime, you can follow everything new I'm working on above! I promise you it'll be just as exciting or better.

I also try to post updates on instagram. Keyword is try.

Lastly, sorry if this post wasn't very funny but if you're looking for funny, then just follow SGAG on all social media and try to spot my jokes there lol.

Thanks everyone for reading this blog for the past I-don't-know-how-long-since-I've-had-it though. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful 2017! Love yall.


  1. Thank you for such a timely reminder, Annette!

  2. The title is hardly relevant to the content. However, this doesn't detract from the fact that the blog is wonderfully written with oroeor subheadings, videos, pictures and an amazing outlook.


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